2016 Crafty Rebels Awards List



This week as we end 2016 we had a ballot to nominate your peers.


The results are in!

Dec 30, 2016


Growing up:

This award goes to the shop with the most growth as a shop in 2016. The was a tie win for Pelhuaz by Red & Imy and Me

Dec 30, 2016



Getting a new look can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Pelhuaz by Red pulled it off this year!

Dec 30, 2016


Cool Posts:

We love reading all the cool things the internet gives us and Wilde Designs pulls ahead to win the award!

Dec 30, 2016


Risk its more than a game:

Taking risks and pushing the line this years award goes to Imy and Me

Dec 30, 2016


Promising Talent:

Honorable and still risky enough to make the list.

This years Rebel in Training goes to Team Neville.

Dec 30, 2016


Creative and bold:

This award goes to the shop that has the most creative items/posts/images it's clear Pelhuaz by Red is a favorite.


Dec 30, 2016


The Princess of Rebels:

Being a rebel and keeping the standards high enough for this award is a feet in itself but Imy and Me pulled it off this year.

Dec 30, 2016


Rebel of the Year:

This is the highest honor given by our group to another shop! This means you have the best of everything in your shop and the people have voted Pelhuaz by Red for 2016!

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